Do you feel called to hold space for women through
the arc of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

Uncovering Birth
Doula Training

(An online coaching, mentoring, & certification program)

Learn how to hold space for women who want to have an autonomous, empowered, blissful birth.

A 6 month, intimate container to become a doula. With mentorship, empowering education, the support you need to overcome your own trauma, & an amazing community of openhearted women ready to step up by your side. 

Let's end the birth trauma cycle. Together. 

“I didn’t know I could feel so fulfilled.”
– Alexa Halvorssen

“Eyla created a multifaceted container for us to learn the detailed physical science history and energetics of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum with curiosity and open-mindedness, and taught us how to provide support for each client's unique experience.” - Laura Lee Madigan Glazer

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If you're wondering whether there's space for you in birth work…


Studies show that the supportive presence of a Doula can have an enormous impact. Women who have doulas are 60% more likely to have a non-traumatic birth experience, and continuous support during labor shortens labor by an average of 41 minutes. 

The presence of a doula has also been shown to decrease the need for medical intervention and decrease the risk of a low neonatal Apgar score


Before we dive deeper, let's zoom out:

What is a doula, really?

A baby’s first cry marks the moment full of sweet release and incredible elation for a new mother as she holds out her hands to clasp the little one to her breast. She has done it, and all the tension seeps away. 

Around her stands her team: her partner, one with her in this moment; the midwife, focused on the baby; a doula, wiping the sweat that glistens on her face.

But who is the doula, and what makes her a critical member of the birth team?

Maybe you’ve heard of the word “DOULA”.

Perhaps people have told you, "you'd be an amazing doula," but you weren't truly sure what it meant.

Simply put, this term is used to describe a non-medical, physical and emotional support person. A doula is not a substitute for either midwife or partner but complements them, as she supports and advocates for the mother throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period.

 If one was to sum up the role of a doula in two words, it would be these: holding space. 

Someone who holds beautiful space for women moving through transitions.

Throughout history, doulas have come in to support women and provide them with that intangible support that is so crucial in a moment of need. 

A hand to grasp, a shoulder to lean on, a non-judgmental presence that enables the woman to stay balanced, focused, and at peace in the midst of what might otherwise be an overwhelming or distressing time.

A doula exists to hold space for a woman during a time of transition: during loss, death, birth, or big changes.

"I've been amazed at how quickly I've started seeing *paying* clients and what a smooth career transition this has been for me." 

"Eyla is absolutely phenomenal. I went through her doula training in April 2022 and was blown away by the quality of resources, information, and teachings she provided. What's amazing about her doula training is that she not only prepares you for supporting your future clients – but she also provides great insight on the business side of being a doula.  

Eyla's been such a huge support and cheerleader in the process of moving into this kind of work. It's great to be able to have her to reach out to and as a mentor. She really has a passion for what she does and forms that one-on-one connection with you to support you and help you.

Not to mention, it's so rewarding to be able to support women transitioning into motherhood. This training is everything and more if you're looking to move into the birth world. "

 – Julianna Carbonare

You may be exploring the option of becoming a doula because:


💖 You had a traumatic birthing experience and want to ensure other women do not have to go through the same

💖You were blessed by the presence of a doula during your own pregnancy and want to hold the same beautiful space for others

💖 You’re a healing practitioner and want to access deeper meaning in your work as a space holder, or pillar in your community

💖 You’ve always known (and probably been told) that you’re a healer

💖 You’re a natural caretaker and love supporting women

💖 You’re passionate about birth or advocacy


If my doula training is in your field, it's likely you're at a pinnacle pivot point in your life.

You're ready for something big to happen!

For a transformation that leaves no stone unturned, and opens up new avenues for you… from work to abundance to relationships to the relationship you have with yourself. 

And if you're already a healing practitioner → you're here because you know you have a deeper and richer offering that you're ready to share with your community… by acquiring deep knowledge of what it means to support birth.

Uncovering Birth is here to be YOUR guide as you learn to guide others.

When it comes to holding space for others, I thoroughly believe:  

Changing the world is not about reaching as many people as possible... It's an inside job and begins with your own healing and integration.

Because supporting even one woman in her empowered and peaceful birth creates a ripple effect for generations to come.

This is how the fabric of our society begins to mend... by restoring the mother and her family.




Empower Yourself with Education


Uncovering Birth is a 6 month program that affords you all of the tools to support women through life's biggest transitions. While we focus on pregnancy and birth you may eventually choose to hold space for conception, loss, miscarriage, postpartum, divorce or death.

In this intimate live training and mentorship you will learn about normal physiological birth, while also getting access to the underbelly of the birth industry and modern birthing practices. 

There is no light without dark, and to authentically hold space as a doula, you must understand both. 

Each student will gain knowledge of how to start or enhance their business with integrity while also learning the ins and outs of the greatest rite of passage in a woman’s life; conceiving and becoming a mother.

Eyla Cuenca


Hey there, I'm Eyla – Childbirth Educator, Doula, health freedom advocate & birth trauma alchemist. I connect women with empowering resources to help them practice self-reflection & self-acceptance. I act as a clean, compassionate mirror for you to step onto your path as a birthworker and empower yourself. For nearly a decade I've worked as a birth, postpartum and loss doula as well as a childbirth educator for countless families. It's my honor to teach you what works and help you do the same. 

As your mentor, I will always be very honest, and I will always be compassionate.

My work is dedicated to offering guidance that supports women and men in the process that is a return to their deepest knowing about birth, individual sovereignty, and the body’s innate intelligence.

With a BA in Anthropology and Ethnographic photography from Bennington College… I studied family systems and am passionate about helping change the conversion around the way women birth. I bring an anthropological lens to my work, with an eye for institutional critique. 

I trained with the AAHCC founded by Robert A. Bradley, MD, where I specialized as a Birth Educator and Doula. My work as a Guardian Ad Litem for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida as well as attending over 200 births as a Doula – in both hospital and home settings – brought me into health freedom and advocacy work. 

I thoroughly believe that it is everyone’s right to have access to empowering education from conception to parenting, and I'm excited to hold space for you as we uncover the hidden dimensions of birth, together.