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Containment: Finding & Creating Safety  

 A mini-course on how to hold space for yourself in order to hold space for others

Real transformation takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Take a guided journey that includes the foundation for how to create safety in your own body. 

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 What can I expect? 


  • In just the first lesson you'll have clarity on why you feel "safe" around certain people and not others
  • After the first lesson you'll be able to see your personal relationships in a new light
  • Each lesson contains guidance from two experts in trauma processing, somatic inquiry and birth
  • Thought provoking concepts that will forever change the way you experience pain and pleasure
  • Simple, yet effective guided practices to integrate the content into real life experience
  • Resources to keep your journey going long after the course ends


Why is creating safety in our own body so important?


Many adults come from families where either one or both parents were emotionally immature. This isn't a judgement, it's an opportunity. And even if you had the most perfect upbringing, as an adolescent you may have encountered emotionally immature caregivers, teachers or adults who couldn't create safety for you, or even willingly compromised & violated your safety. 

This may have created a belief within you that it was no longer safe to be in your body. And over time patterns were created to keep you disconnected ("safe"), hyper vigilant ("prepared"), or otherwise distracted ("soothed").  

You might ask, whats wrong with that? I'm safe, prepared and soothed. Well, not really, you're in a state of reactionary survival, which keeps you out of the present moment, in fear, and in many cases leads to illness. 

This course is a journey designed to lay the basic foundation so you¬†can¬†begin¬†to deepen and enrich your everyday experience of life ‚Äď your relationships, emotions, sensations, and activities. We have to increase our capacity to be in the present moment, and this is¬†accomplished by first creating¬†an inner sense of safety in¬†our own body.¬†

Some audio clips from the course...

"Moving sensations in the body"
What's actually happening when I'm reaching for the vape pen?
What is emotional transmutation?
I'm ready to level up ‚̧ԳŹ‚ÄćūüĒ•

Benefits of taking this course:  




  • How to have deeper satisfaction in relationship¬†
  • How to access deeper connection with your family
  • Ways to do more of what you love and less of what doesn‚Äôt feel good
  • More ease day to day, hour to hour
  • More freedom
  • Release chains binding us to unwanted substance or habits¬†
  • How to find pleasure in the mundane¬†
  • Feel a deeper sense of purpose & clarity by being authentically embodied
  • Experience what it is to resolve conflict in an easeful, grounded way that doesn‚Äôt end in more rupture or confusion¬†
  • Uncover your triggers & patterns of tension so they no longer control you
  • Learn how to feel your triggers and allow them to exist without seeing red or bailing, checking out, shutting down, or going into any other survival response.¬†
  • Learn how to do¬†Somatic self-inquiry¬†as a daily self-improvement practice¬†
  • Learn to¬†truly¬†be present¬†
  • Learn and embody the difference between the energetics of holding space versus than the action of holding space¬†
  • The necessary skills to be able to authentically hold yourself and be present to what is real
  • Become better at what you do.¬†

Meet the minds behind 

Containment: Finding & Creating Safety

Colin Safranek
Somatic Experiencing Coach 


As a relationship, intimacy, and communication coach my work is anchored in a somatic approach, which helps you identify, relate with, and shift your unwanted patterns, and therefore achieve your goals, and align with your purpose and path. Conscious embodiment is the doorway into your subconscious, and it is the key to greater presence and joy in your life.

Eyla Cuenca
Birth Educator, Doula & Birth Trauma Alchemist  


Eyla's work is dedicated to offering guidance that supports women and men in the process that is a return to their deepest knowing about birth, individual sovereignty, and the body’s innate intelligence.

Trauma is an opportunity for alchemy. I am here to show you where the gifts are available and how to reclaim the lost parts within. 

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This course was incredible... Simple, yet profound. I am new to this concept of "holding space" but what I learned in this course showed me that it's NECESSARY for my work as a practitioner to find safety in my own body so I can better serve others. I am way more present for my personal relationships as well.  Highly recommend to ANYONE!



Certified Doula & Early Childhood Educator



What's inside: 

  • 3 pre-recorded modules to explore at your own pace. 
  •  Each module contains lessons each lasting 15-40 minutes 
  • You can finish the course in one day or over the course of a few weeks
  • To really embody the concepts we recommend giving yourself space to feel, surrender, integrate and practice what the course offers.
  • Come back to the course a few months later to pick up more info that was missed in the first round. 
  • Practices & tools that have a 1-1 feel
  • Resources that will support you as you continue your journey of exploration and healing
  • Exclusive opportunity to meet with Eyla or Colin 1-1
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