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For the woman who wants to hold space for herself & others...


The Hidden Dimension:

Uncovering Birth Trauma

A masterclass to uncover the truth about trauma & the myths surrounding birth.

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“The traumas I've worked through with Eyla, and the knowledge that I've obtained, have put me in this place where I now feel safe in my body and safe with birth. Completely.”

- Samantha Herman Stroud

Why have women been taught to fear the thing that makes us most powerful?  

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Before Eyla, there was a lot of unresolved trauma from my life in general, from my family, generational trauma, things that I couldn't really grasp. I couldn't connect the dots.

And because I wasn't able to work through past traumas, I couldn't change things. I was just sitting with this resistance. With Eyla's support, I did a complete 180.

Alexa Halvorssen 

Crystalize the truth about trauma
to come into alignment with yourself

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Eyla Cuenca

"Eyla made me realize this is not a medical situation, but a spiritual journey." 
Lacy Houle

Wondering whether The Hidden Dimension will arm you with the knowledge you need to feel empowered?

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“Before working with Eyla, I was feeling really angry at the way that women typically come out of their birth experience, and I have been feeling called since the birth of my son. To be a leader in my community and foster the change that needs to happen for more women to birth in power and more babies to be birthed in peace and love and warmth. Without drugs, without feeling broken.” 


“I was able to step into the fire and walk through it with no fear. I find that diving into my birth story really opened this portal of exploration into why I have acted the way I have acted in so many ways.”

Samantha Herman Stroud