Welcome! You’re probably here because you want to enhance what you offer to the world. There might be a part of you that not only wants to step into a calling thats supports the collective healing of our earth ecosystem, but also a part of you that wants to create a business rooted in service. You may already know about the biological, spiritual and emotional power of guiding those in the process of conception, pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding.

*Training and mentorship begins May 15, 2024. 

This training provides:

  • History & science of birth.

  • Supporting women during pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

  • Placenta knowledge (Separate Placentophagy Training required if you want to offer this to your clients).

  • Understanding Labor.

  • Breastfeeding training ( not a lactation certification).

  • Best practices for various birth settings.

  • How to organize logistics, finances, contracts.

  • Up-level or begin your business.

  • Double your monthly income.

  • 8 bi-weekly live 2-hour training classes on Zoom with Eyla.

  • Private 5 month community container on Telegram.

  • 1-1 follow up call with Eyla/email guidance after training is complete.

  • Handbooks, videos, and education resources.

**All info shared by UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca is owned by "Uncovering Birth by Eyla Cuenca" and cannot be duplicated for your business, or passed off as your own. Anything of  UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca’s used in your profiles or platforms or given to clients must credit UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our team at [email protected]

$6,000.00 USD

Terms and Conditions Agreement for Doula Training and Mentorship

UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca - Educational Disclaimer:

By enrolling in this course, I acknowledge that the information provided by UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca is solely for educational purposes and does not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice. I understand the importance of consulting a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. I acknowledge that UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca is not responsible for any risks or issues that may arise from using or acting upon the information provided in this course. I understand that after completing my purchase, no refunds will be provided.

Doula Training and Mentorship Agreement:

This agreement outlines the training, mentorship, and expectations for participants in the Doula Training Program offered by UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca.

  1. Training Overview:

    • The doula training is designed as a personal and heart-centered growth opportunity, providing tools to support women through various life transitions, including pregnancy and birth.
    • The role of a doula is defined as a non-medical, emotional, and physical support person for women undergoing significant life transitions.
    • Trainees are advised that this training does not qualify them as childbirth educators nor trainers for other birth workers.
  2. Training Format & Requirements:

    • The training spans a flexible 5-month period, including 8 live sessions, 5 weeks of digital mentorship, and a concluding group call.
    • A Certificate of Training Completion is provided at the end of the 5-month period; however, this does not constitute a doula certification.
    • To achieve Doula Certification, trainees must attend a birth within 6 months of training completion and submit both a client review and personal reflection to UNCOVERING BIRTH.
    • Live attendance at all Zoom calls is mandatory, with accommodations made for urgent matters upon prior notification.
    • Completion of all assignments is required for certification.
  3. Privacy & Intellectual Property:

    • Information shared within the training is confidential and proprietary, requiring express consent for sharing outside the program.
    • Trainees must credit UNCOVERING BIRTH and Eyla Cuenca when referencing materials or concepts learned in the program.
  4. Refund Policy:

    • No refunds are offered. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, potentially allowing for enrollment in a subsequent training session, without monetary refund or return.
  5. Post Training Opportunities:

    • Graduates are encouraged to join the Uncovering Birth Doula Membership for continued education, resources, and community support.
    • Opportunities for collaboration, including affiliate partnerships and content licensing, are available post-training.

By selecting the checkbox, I acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined above for the Doula Training and Mentorship program provided by UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca. I understand this constitutes a binding agreement between myself and UNCOVERING BIRTH by Eyla Cuenca, committing to the responsibilities and expectations set forth in this document.