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Want to support women in having an autonomous, empowered, blissful birth?

Uncovering Birth

Doula Training Open House 

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"Eyla's been such a huge support and cheerleader in the process of moving into this kind of work.  It's great to be able to have her to reach out to and as a mentor. She really has a passion for what she does and forms that one-on-one connection with you to support you and help you.

Not to mention, it's so rewarding to be able to support women transitioning into motherhood. This training is everything and more if you're looking to move into the birth world. "

– Julianna Carbonare

A 90-minute Open House and Q&A to find out everything you need to know about becoming a doula.


Let’s connect about what it means to hold safe space for women through the arc of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Plus, we’ll dive into what it takes to become a master of your own healing process — so you can engage in your inner alchemy and become the birth worker you’ve *always* dreamed of becoming. 

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Testimonials from previous Doula Training students

Feeling the call to serve the collective as a birth worker?  

This Open House was designed to hold space for you.
Here's how Lacy described the experience of having Eyla as a doula:

"Eyla made me realize this is not a medical situation, but a spiritual journey. This is my second child. My first son is 3 years old. He was a c-section and I had every side effect of the medical system. My second pregnancy, I never once went to a doctor. I didn't want a midwife. Eyla's classes empowered my husband and I so much we knew we could do this second birth at home, all by ourselves with only a doula. So we did! I was working so hard during my pre labor dealing with thoughts and previous baby hospital trauma memories.

I labored for 45 hrs. Until I talked to Eyla and she gave me the best advice. She said,

"You have nowhere you need to be, but right here. You're not in a hurry. Accept the thoughts, tell them thank you and goodbye, get some rest and bring your baby into the world."

I slept an hour after that, active-labored for 2 hours then was holding my baby boy already with absolutely nothing gone wrong! It was exactly what I needed to hear."

– Lacy Houle

What you can expect we'll explore...


Eyla Cuenca

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